Mono & Stereo high-end audio magazine サイトオープン

Mono & Stereo high-end audio magazine のサイトオープン

 最近、上記の オーディオサイトがオープンしている。

 Founder & Editor-in-Chiefは Matej Isak 氏。 オーストリア人のようである。

 Welcome to the Mono & Stereo high-end audio magazine。

Twenty years of active traveling through the unique landscape of high-end audio led me to many people and objects of rejoice or sometimes even sorrow. That all unmistakably shaped my vivid and strong perception about audio, music, high-end industry and manufacturing. It's my goal and passion to listen, review and reveal great and carefully carved high-end audio products。

Most of our daily readers are audiophiles, audio connoisseurs and owners of high-end audio components. These people not only recognize and respect real artisans of audio industry, but they're actually willing to spend their respected money for the high quality audio products. There are still people who trust in high-end audio manufacturers knowledge, efforts and heritage. High-end audio is becoming more and more personal. That can only be a good sign and safe path to the mutual satisfaction for both sides. Honest customer care, quality of the products and on the other side satisfied music lovers are the real keys opening the doors to the future of high-end society。

As a devoted fan of music and high-end oriented components I'm in constant search for unique audio instruments that speaks back to us naturally and cherish the unique world of music reproduction. In my audio quest I'm trying to reveal those standout products that convey music with the highest impact of it's coherent natural imprint。

After years of listening and testing vastly number of audio components passing through my listening room I dare to conclude, that only those who truly love, respect and know music to the hearth, strive for the absence of specific sound imprint and try to balance natural transparent signature sound in their audio products. It's always joy to find such exemplary products and people behind them。

At the end of the day, it's simply all about music. Duke Ellington's famous quote sum it great with: "If it sounds good, it's good!"。

Happy reading and listening。

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